<strong>Dobrá Hospodarka new logo</strong>

Dobrá Hospodarka new logo

ROCKETMEN Agency created a new logo for Dobrá Hospodarka About the Client Dobrá Hospodarka is a Ukrainian manufacturer of handmade semi-finished products (dumplings, dumplings, pancakes, cabbage rolls, etc.). Task The brand decided to enter the European market, so it was necessary to develop a logo that would be familiar and understandable to the new audience.

<strong>WARTO new identity </strong>

WARTO new identity 

In 2022, WARTO Communications Agency made the first global rethinking of the agency’s identity: completely changed the color scheme and decided that the word «WARTO» itself is authentic, Ukrainian, meaningful, so can be an independent symbol and logo. We lived and worked with this updated identity for more than a year, and all this time

<strong>The identity for a new sports brand</strong>

The identity for a new sports brand

The FBA branding agency team created a unique identity for a new sports brand for a US client – SINGER SPORT. The logo, typographics, color variations of the brand identity, as well as the design of equipment for the game of PICKLEBALL were developed by the FBA. PICKLEBALL is a new active sport that is

<strong>Bubibo App identity</strong>

Bubibo App identity

The Yarche agency created the identity for Bubibo App. Bubibo is a super app that connects pet owners with trusted services and specialists, including veterinarians, groomers, animal psychologists, and more. Through extensive research and collaboration with pet parents and industry experts, we created a standout startup. Traditionally, pet tech branding for dogs uses the paw motif.

<strong>Visual «chemistry» in the identity of UCS 2024</strong>

Visual «chemistry» in the identity of UCS 2024

Publicis Ukraine developed the identity and communication campaign for Ukrainian Creative Stories 2024. The quality of communication is determined by people’s reactions. Awe, surprise, joy, and even envy or indignation can create entire stories. Indifference, however, is capable of nothing. Based on this platform, Publicis Ukraine built the identity and communication of Ukrainian Creative Stories

<strong>12 gnome for peat</strong>

12 gnome for peat

BrainTank created an identity for the company Rozhnyativ Torf, which is involved in peat extraction..  The agency has never dealt with creating identity for such a business before. However, instead of seeing it as a challenge, they saw it as an opportunity to explore new possibilities. Thus, the experiments began. Putting ourselves in the shoes

<strong>Invest Office identity</strong>

Invest Office identity

Bambuk Design Studio created a visual identity and concept, positioning, logo, and templates for Invest Office. Invest Office is an initiative aimed at attracting non-repayable financing to strengthen and develop businesses. Bambuk had an extremely short deadline of 3 weeks to develop communication and full branding. The project was pro bono, as we support such

<strong>«The majority is closer»: campaign for the Sunny Bunny LGBTQ+ film festival</strong>

«The majority is closer»: campaign for the Sunny Bunny LGBTQ+ film festival

Hexagon created the key visuals for the brand campaign of the second SUNNY BUNNY LGBTQ+ film festival.  In 2023, the first Ukrainian LGBTQ+ film festival SUNNY BUNNY took place. This year, the festival team invited Hexagon again to create new visual elements for the brand campaign of the second event. The creatives continued to work