<strong>The campaign for the launch of «Oleina with Herbs»</strong>

The campaign for the launch of «Oleina with Herbs»

«Oleyna» has always known what to offer Ukrainian families so that they can show their love to their close ones every day by cooking delicious and healthy meals. «Oleyna with Herbs» is a unique product for the Ukrainian market. The new oils infused with various herbs have rich and distinct flavors, rich in vitamins and

<strong>The film advertisement on real eggs and the Record of Ukraine for cracking Easter eggs</strong>

The film advertisement on real eggs and the Record of Ukraine for cracking Easter eggs

On April 25th, the comedy «Easter Egg» (“Krashanka”) premiered in the theaters. The film follows the Zabyaks family as they come together for Easter after a long time apart. However, the father isn’t feeling festive – he’s determined to end the war by launching a missile at Moscow, leaving only Putin’s ashes behind.  To boost

<strong>«In My Place» special project on veteran adaptation </strong>

«In My Place» special project on veteran adaptation 

hromadske prepared a special project on veteran adaptation called «In My Place.» It consists of two editorial pieces and one in partnership with Uklon. They explore what veterans expect from society, the state, and employers when returning from war. We also highlight existing projects from organizations that aid in adaptation, rehabilitation, mental health, retraining. The

<strong>Bomb shelter map of Venice</strong>

Bomb shelter map of Venice

The Ukrainian pavilion at the 60th Venice Biennale amazed visitors with a provocative project: a map of Venice’s bomb shelters. In collaboration with the creative agency Bickerstaff.734, maps of Venice’s bomb shelters were distributed throughout the city, reminding visitors that even in peaceful Venice, war can be closer than it seems. Maps and booklets posted

<strong>Myasomarket is the usual for you?</strong>

Myasomarket is the usual for you?

The I AM IDEA agency developed an advertising campaign for the Myasomarket store chain. The main task was to create the company’s brand strategy and showcase the diverse assortment of the network, from fresh meat to ready-made culinary products. People want to be treated like regulars – like they’re well-known and remembered from school days,

<strong>Correct Vira oil advertising</strong>

Correct Vira oil advertising

Madcats created an advertising campaign for Vira oil, where engine pistons come to life to teach drivers to use proper oil instead of just any oil. People don’t always empathize with machines, but they can still empathize with people. To help drivers understand the consequences of using low-quality oil, the creatives brought engine pistons to