Postcards from Ukraine 

Postcards from Ukraine 

Entrant name: KYIFORNIA 

Advertiser: Ukrainian Institute                   

Award — Contest — Category:          

  • Silver — Peace — PR Campaigns
  • Bronze — Peace — Print & Publishing
  • Bronze — Peace — Social Media & Influence
  • Bronze — Arts And Culture — Print & Publishing
  • Bronze — Arts And Culture — Social Media & Influence
  • Shortlist — Peace — Integrated Campaigns
  • Shortlist — Arts And Culture — Integrated Campaigns
  • Shortlist — Arts And Culture — PR Campaigns

Since 2014 Russian army systematically destroys Ukrainian cultural heritage. During the full-scale war over 500 monuments of culture, architecture, and religion were destroyed or seriously damaged. 

Despite the fact that it is an inhumane act of cultural genocide that goes against the Hague Convention of 1954, this component of Russian aggression is underrepresented in the world media and practically absent in the global discussion about the role of culture in armed conflict. 

The goal [important]: 

To talk about the fact that the targeted destruction of Ukrainian culture is a huge loss for the whole world. Because these cultural monuments convey the history not only of the Ukrainian people but also of the entire European civilization for more than 1000 years. 

Solutions [large and simple at the same time]: 

1. We released postcards about the objects of the cultural heritage of Ukraine, each of which tells the story of a specific cultural monument 

2. We created a series of videos with world and Ukrainian celebrities, who became the voices of destroyed buildings 

Results [impressive]: 

1.100 postcards that tell the stories of destroyed buildings 

2. 8 videos with Ukrainian and world celebrities 

3. Project exhibitions held in more than 30 countries 


5. Stories by influencers with a total reach of 960,000 views 

6. General coverage: 10 000 000 people all over the world 

7. Collaboration with Ukrposhta, the main postal company in the country

Postcards from Ukraine 
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Postcards from Ukraine