Antistress book  

Antistress book  

Entrant name: McCann Kyiv 

Advertiser: McCann Kyiv 

Award — Contest — Category:

Bronze — Health & Well-Being — Design

Shortlist — Health & Well-Being — Direct Campaigns

Recently, many things cause stress in the world. And when you also have a stressful job, like creative people, the need for immediate reassurance seems vital. That is why our Ukrainian team created the Antistress book – the first in the world relaxing work diary for creatives, our clients and friends.

 To combat the sources of office stress, they implemented a number of specific solutions in the diary:

— a pop-it wrapper for emergency anxiety relief;

— coloring to distract from bad thoughts;

— a page with a list of all the bad things that you want to throw away (this page can be thrown away);

— a spread on which you can count sheep in case of pre-deadline insomnia;

— an express meditation specially designed for creatives, which you can find on YouTube by QR code;

— an incense stick that will burn out at the workplace instead of you;

— and a paper bag like they put in airplanes in case of a panic attack before the presentation of ideas.

Although these activities are mostly fan-based, they raise important mental-health issues that many of our colleagues forget in the pursuit of submissions and judging at the festival. And they gently remind you.

Antistress book   Antistress book  
McCann Kyiv McCann Kyiv
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Antistress book   Antistress book