VUSSA educational platform

VUSSA educational platform

Rocketmen agency developed a naming and communication strategy for an educational platform – a place where you can easily create your own course and start studying. That’s how VUSSA appeared. The main idea was the Ukrainian idiom «motai na vus» (wrap it on your mustache).

Before creating the concept, the agency did market research, analyzed who teaches and how. They found out what the needs of our target audience are, what are the barriers and drivers.

Ukraine is famous for its idioms. The wisdom of Ukrainian people is embodied in them. So the creative team decided to search for inspiration from the experience of their ancestors and took as the basis of the idea a well-known Ukrainian proverb: «motai na vus» (wrap it on your mustache). It literally means to learn something, to memorize.

Growing a mustache is not so easy, it requires effort and patience. The same with studying. Therefore, a mustache is also a symbol of experience. So all this combines with light playfulness and humor and we get the mustache logo. We show that studying with VUSSA is not boring.

VUSSA is not only a name, but also a cool and meaningful element of communication. Different mustaches have been created to identify a user on the platform. This element was integrated into all communication channels: website, social networks, merch.

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