<strong>The campaign for the construction of animal center</strong>

The campaign for the construction of animal center

provid agency developed the campaign for the Fora supermarket to help raise funds to start the construction of a multifunctional center for animals by the Zoopatrol NGO.  The Fora supermarket chain tried to rebuild destroyed stores and open new ones. To take care of the assortment, quality and positive emotions of its guests. Therefore, it

<strong>The campaign for the psychological helpline for men</strong>

The campaign for the psychological helpline for men

Moko Digital developed a campaign for the psychological helpline for men. The primary objective was to tell about the existence of such psychological helplines to help men overcome the barriers of toxic masculinity and to lead the target audience to watch the creative content. Even before the beginning of the full-scale invasion, and more so

The Flaming Greetings to the enemies from FUIB bank

The Flaming Greetings to the enemies from FUIB bank

Adsapience agency created a campaign for FUIB bank on the Independence Day of Ukraine.  FUIB creatively greeted Ukrainians and  also sent its flaming greetings to… the enemies. The bank launched a fundraising campaign for the combat drones that could salute enemies at as far as 800 km. More than 30 celebrities voiced their greetings in

<strong>The longest marathon in the world</strong>

The longest marathon in the world

Gres Todorchuk and the Ukrainian international logistics group Nova Post organized «The longest marathon in the world». This project was created to express gratitude and support for defenders, doctors, rescuers, volunteers — all resilient marathoners who have been bringing Ukraine closer to victory for over 9 years. Marathon is a run that requires endurance, perseverance,



UK Comms has initiated a campaign for psychological support for children during air raid alarms. Prominent individuals, thought leaders, musicians, singers, actors, and bloggers from Ukraine and abroad are recording video clips for children. The #BraveKidsUkraine campaign was created for East Europe Foundation and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The videos aim

<strong>#our_secret campaign</strong>

#our_secret campaign

The #our_secret campaign, implemented by MI Health Agency in collaboration with the NGO «100% Life» with the support of HealthLink, encourages trusting doctors and getting tested for HIV in a timely manner. Feeling hesitant to share your fears with a doctor is normal. But is it worth being afraid? Timely detection of a disease is

<strong>«TAKE A CLOSER LOOK» information campaign</strong>

«TAKE A CLOSER LOOK» information campaign

plusone social impact agency, in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Ukraine, has launched «TAKE A CLOSER LOOK» information campaign. Its goal is to counter human trafficking by helping people understand the risks that seemingly attractive job offers may pose. The «TAKE A CLOSER LOOK» campaign expands the boundaries of informing people