VR Visualization of Kyiv’s Museum Heritage

Brain Tank team, commissioned by FreeGen Group as part of a special project on digitizing the museum heritage of Kyiv, together with Kyiv Digital, brought to life the long history of Ukraine in a video, elevating its crucial elements from the 20th century. All of this is for the tourist and cultural hub of Kyiv.

Redesigning the label for «Desant» beer

Brain Tank redesigned the labels of «Desant» beer, a brand of the Ukrainian company «Obolon.» The audience perceives the label as outdated and, at the same time, is not ready for noticeable changes in the design and complete removal of its militaristic color. So, the brand needs to completely update the design without changing it.

TikTok influencer campaign

OMG Agency strategically crafted a TikTok influencer campaign for «Your Family Doctor» Association, effectively destigmatizing tuberculosis through humor. The agency’s meticulous influencer selection and creative content played a pivotal role in achieving 2 million impressions and fostering positive societal perception changes. The campaign’s success underscores OMG Agency’s expertise in impactful social marketing. ve approach to

The first short social AI movie in Ukraine

New Strategies created the first short social AI movie in Ukraine «My Power». To boost the morale of Ukrainians, the agency decided to create a social movie. However, there were many such videos, making it hard to attract new attention. So, they decided to take an unconventional approach and utilize AI. Thus, they used neural