Wherever I am, I will not forget home

Wherever I am, I will not forget home

Brain Tank marketing agency created an advertising campaign for the largest developer in Ivano-Frankivsk — blago developer. The winners of Eurovision 2022, members of the Kalush Orchestra – Oleh Psiuk and KylymMan, became its protagonists.
The key insight of the entire campaign is homesickness which is expressed in the lines of the Kalush band’s hit – «Wherever I am, I will not forget home».

The participation of the most discussed musical group of the year in the advertising campaign could not pass the audience’s attention. And the additional interest in the collaboration, and moreover, an extraordinary resonance, was created through a successfully used classic marketing technique – teasing.

On advertising posters, against the background of the blago developer residential area, an image of a man in a recognizable pink panama of the Kalush leader, Oleh Psiuk, appeared. But the man was photographed from the back, so it is impossible to guess whether this is really the leader of the Kalush band.

Due to the resonance in social networks, huge interest in the advertising campaign arose even before the start of its main part. In fact, the entire advertising campaign consisted of the lines of the Kalush band’s hit – «Wherever I am, I will not forget home».

The song was composed and recorded even before the beginning of the active phase of the war, but right now these words sound the most powerful for millions of Ukrainians. This applies both to those who went abroad and dream of returning to the Motherland, and to those who moved from the war zone to Western Ukraine and are trying to settle down in a new place.

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