Vivid brand content agency, together with 89Up British agency, developed a site for collecting votes on the energy embargo in the EU for Russian products. They also created creative materials to support the project, which were distributed on social networks and in various media. #GasIsAGun became the key message and hashtag of the campaign.

VIVID knew that Ukrainian digital is quite noisy, and calls to sign this or that important petition are not diminishing. Therefore, it was extremely necessary to draw the audience’s attention to communication. They developed two ideas for images that had their own characteristics: a bright patriotic one for distribution on social networks through influencers, and another one that was more decisive and somewhat aggressive, intended to attract attention in paid advertising and placements in news platforms.

In two weeks they managed to:
— Reach 4 million Ukrainians.
— Make 78 placements in the media.
— Get the support of the country’s most popular influencers.

And most importantly, in just 2 weeks of the campaign, more than 30,000 Ukrainian votes were collected on the Razzemestand website, which prompted legislators to raise the issue of Europe’s energy dependence on Russia at a meeting of the European Parliament.

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