The Brief: Prevent Ww3

The Brief: Prevent Ww3

Entrant name: ISD Group

Advertiser: Ukraine

Award — Contest — Category:

  • Best Of Contest — Partnership For The Goals — Direct Campaigns
  • Silver — Partnership For The Goals — Digital & Mobile Advertising
  • Bronze — Peace — Direct Campaigns

In the very first days of the war, Ukrainian creators united to confront Russia on the information front. They fought Russian propaganda and told the world the truth about the horror that Ukraine was going through. The Creative Forces of Ukraine chat room alone had more than 30,000 creators who’ve been making thousands of videos and posters day and night. 

But it was not enough, because Russian aggression threatened the security of the whole world. Putin openly threatened it with nuclear weapons. So on the fourth day of the war, they figured out a way to attract any creator in the world to join their creative army. And in just a day, they created the most important brief ever, «Prevent World War II». 

They wanted every designer, copywriter, and creative director in the world to know how they could help. They needed something simple and understandable for them because at that time there was a lot of chaotic information about the war in Ukraine. A brief is a form that creators understand best, so on the landing page we defined one clear goal, described the background, and gave specific tasks and messages that could be used. 

It was the right call at the right time. So their brief was picked up by all the largest creative media in the world, and Miami Ad School sent it to all partners and students. They partnered with the Young Glory Festival and showed the brief to all the D&AD judges. Thanks to the brief, most creators around the world learned what is happening in Ukraine and how they can help.

The Brief: Prevent Ww3
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The Brief: Prevent Ww3