Crimea 5 Am

Crimea 5 Am

Entrant name: ISD group 

Advertiser: Crimea 5 Am   

Award — Contest — Category:

  • Best Of Contest — Human Rights, Justice & Strong Institutions — Out Of Home Advertising
  • Silver — Local Solutions — Out Of Home Advertising
  • Bronze — Education: Quality, Civic & Social Education — Digital & Mobile Advertising

Since the Crimea occupation in 2014, Russia has been persecuting indigenous people of the peninsula, Crimean Tatars, for their pro-Ukrainian position. Russian police have constantly broken down their doors at 5 am, when all people sleep. So that no one – neither journalists, nor lawyers – could protect Crimean Tatars, and all arrests went unnoticed for the world. More than a hundred civic activists are now sentenced to 15 to 17 years in trumped-up cases and can’t stand up for themselves. 

To show the world evidence of the brutal Russian invasion, at 5 am, on February 21, we installed broken doors outside the Russian embassy in Kyiv. They symbolized the broken lives of more than a hundred civic activists sentenced to 15 to 17 years. Leading Ukrainian media covered the event for 8+ million. 

The project continued in Warsaw and Berlin. But on February 24, symbolically at 5 am, Russia started its war against Ukraine. In one day, «Crimea 5 AM» became «Ukraine 5 AM.» The doors became a meeting point for anti-war rallies in Poland and Germany and a symbol of a full-scale invasion.

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