Christmas not war 

Christmas not war 

Entrant name: ANGRY agency 

Advertiser: Concrete By Kovalska 

Award — Contest — Category:

  • Best Of Contest — Children: Health/Safety/Happiness — Out Of Home Advertising                                 Gold  — Local Solutions — Out Of Home Advertising 
  • Silver — Peace — Out Of Home Advertising 
  • Silver — Peace  — Direct Campaigns 
  • Bronze — Peace — PR Campaigns 
  • Bronze — Peace — Activation Campaigns 
  • Bronze  — Local Solutions — PR Campaigns      
  • Bronze — Children: Health/Safety/Happiness — Design
  • Bronze — Children: Health/Safety/Happiness — Activation Campaigns  
  • Shortlist — Children: Health/Safety/Happiness — PR Campaigns
  • Shortlist — Children: Health/Safety/Happiness — Direct Campaigns
  • Shortlist — Peace — Design 

On Feb 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine. Since that time, it has been doing everything possible to take away freedom and joy from Ukrainian adults and children. The largest manufacturer «Concrete by Kovalska» provided 11,000 concrete blocks to protect our cities from enemy tanks. When Kyiv region was liberated, these barriers were removed from the roads to the sidewalks. We turned them into holiday characters to bring the Christmas mood back to our children. Each of the characters we created stood on the central streets of our capital, Kyiv. Each of them had its own name and story, which helped to overcome childhood traumas received during the war – fears of darkness, explosions, forced displacement. 

Did you come across one? Scan the QR to get to our website. There you can read the story of each character you found and take part in the quest. And if you joined the online game and hunted down all the characters, you could win a holiday present. To pep up social buzz, we run a SoMe campaign with famous city guides, who give hints, where to find our characters. All ten of our characters have been well received by people. Despite the stress because of the war, the feedback was 100% positive. In one month we got more than 200 000 000 contacts. 

Christmas not war  Christmas not war 
ANGRY agency  ANGRY agency 
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Christmas not war  Christmas not war