«Skhvylʹovani» charity design marathon

«Skhvylʹovani» charity design marathon

Rocketmen agency created the charity design marathon «Skhvylʹovani» in collaboration with the «Children of Heroes» fund. The goal is ambitious and noble — to help 50 businesses with rebranding and earn money to help children who lost one or both parents.

The agency developed the main concept of the project, its name and got media support.

«Skhvylʹovani» is a design marathon, the main goal of which is to earn as many donations as possible to the «Children of Heroes» fund and help businesses in crisis.

The word «skhvylʹovani» literally means that we are worried, agitated. Worried about the future of our country, about those who suffered, about those who were forced to leave their homes. For Ukrainians, anxiety is a new reality.

«Skhvylʹovani» comes from the word «khvylya», because feelings and problems suddenly cover you, as if in a storm. So we decided to use this strong image in the identity — we made the elements wavy and added surf to our character. Our solidarity and willingness to help is the surf that will help overcome the crisis wave.

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