«Emigrant» NFT collection

«Emigrant» NFT collection

Brain Tank creative marketing communications agency, for the help of the Armed Forces, turned the life of Diesel famous Ukrainian rock musician from Green Gray band into lots of the NFT collection, which included exclusive copyrights to the «Emigrant» hit song, the musician’s Kyiv apartment, an MTV Awards Europe statuette, and more.

The famous Ukrainian musician Diesel from the Green Gray band is now a military man and to help his brothers, he is «ready to sell his life» literally.

The agency created the NFT collection «EMIGRANT» from the musician’s personal belongings, which is available for sale on the OpenSea marketplace at the link https://opensea.io/collection/emigrantnft

The feature of the project was that each buyer becomes not just the owner of something, as in the world of NFT – virtual, but the owner of a real, real story of a rock musician, which can be physically touched.

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