Ukraine is a Place for Plans

Leo Burnett Ukraine created the campaign «Ukraine is a place for plans» for UKRSIBBANK. The new campaign supports Ukrainians in realizing their most ambitious plans in life. Ukraine is truly a «place for plans», and Ukrainians are ready to do everything to make their dreams come true.

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New commercial for the hike brand

The teams of Aimbulance and NO STARS created a new commercial for the hike brand. A dynamic lifestyle and the fulfillment of dreams have always been at the heart of hike’s audience. Life is so vibrant and exciting that there’s simply no time to stop and rest on one’s laurels.

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Kyivstar communication campaign

The agency I AM IDEA developed a creative communication campaign for the mobile operator «Kyivstar» as part of the launch of the new service «Super Unlimited». The focus is on Ukrainians and their daily communication with family and friends.

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MasterZoo video

The agency Taktika has released a promo video for the pet supplies online store MasterZoo in the form of a joint furry message from pets. In it, furry, feathered, and scaly personalities from various parts of Ukraine lovingly and tenderly address their humans, thanking them for their care and understanding.

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«My Accessibility» for Oschadbank and Visa

Havas Engage created the main campaign video «My Accessibility» for Oschadbank and Visa, focusing on the accessibility of banking services and products for everyone. The agency chose a poetic form for the video, showcasing the everyday lives of different people, including their use of financial services, to illustrate a barrier-free and accessible world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of financial opportunities without limitations.

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360 content-based campaign for «Khutorok» brand

The documentary film «Dough» explores unique Ukrainian culinary traditions of flour-based dishes. The Brandly agency found a partner who shared the film’s values, had Ukrainian roots, and could be organically integrated into the storytelling. The brand «Khutorok» fit perfectly, as what could be more natural than flour here? The brand enjoyed a 360 content-based campaign: it was integrated into10 authentic recipes and the film’s animated parts, as well as a national promo campaign, including offline premieres and workshops. Released on May 2nd, just ahead of Easter, «Dough» hit theaters and subsequently landed on Netflix and Kyivstar TV. Its upcoming broadcast on national TV and YouTube will further extend its reach.

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Dobrá Hospodarka new logo

ROCKETMEN Agency created a new logo for Dobrá Hospodarka, a Ukrainian manufacturer of handmade semi-finished products (dumplings, pancakes, cabbage rolls, etc.). The brand decided to enter the European market, so it was necessary to develop a logo that would be familiar and understandable to the new audience. It was also important for the logo to have a connection with the product. To avoid the typical housewife image often used by competitors and to add a unique vibe to familiar elements in the brand identity, the team decided to embrace the brand’s craft by shaping the letters from a long strip of dough, just like experienced chefs. The logo turned out soft and curly, yet it remains easily readable. For the identity elements, a few key products of the brand were selected and depicted with bright sticker-like illustrations that look juicy, adding character to the identity.

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WARTO new identity

WARTO Communications Agency made the global rethinking of the agency’s identity:  we got an insight that the name «WARTO» should be complemented with the same authentic, meaningful and unique symbol, which will strengthen the meanings that were embedded in the name of the agency, emphasize our trendiness and modernity, and show the connection with Ukraine. To find the best combination of traditional Ukrainian symbols and modern design, the agency’s team conducted a large-scale study of folk art motifs, particularly embroidery. The new WARTO trademark combines four archaic symbols often found in Ukrainian traditional art. The combination of these symbols refers to the working approach of the agency team: effective marketing and PR tools, implemented with high involvement and expertise of the agency, to solve the client’s business problems.

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The identity for a new sports brand

The FBA branding agency team created a unique identity for a new sports brand for a US client – SINGER SPORT. The logo, typographics, color variations of the brand identity, as well as the design of equipment for the game of PICKLEBALL were developed by the FBA.

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Bubibo App identity

The Yarche agency created the identity for Bubibo App. Bubibo is a super app that connects pet owners with trusted services and specialists, including veterinarians, groomers, animal psychologists, etc. Through extensive research and collaboration with pet parents and industry experts, we crafted a standout startup. We developed the name, identity, and UX/UI of the app, enabling users to learn new commands, book grooming, and vet appointments online, and link the Bubibo QR code to their accounts. Our design features illustrations by Sestry Feldman.

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Visual «chemistry» in the identity of UCS 2024

Publicis Ukraine developed the identity and communication campaign for Ukrainian Creative Stories 2024. The creators explained the ideas through biochemistry and illustrated the connections between history and emotions. The quality of communication is determined by people’s reactions. Awe, surprise, joy, and even envy or indignation can create entire stories. Indifference, however, is capable of nothing.

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12 gnome for peat

BrainTank created an identity for the company Rozhnyativ Torf, which is involved in peat extraction.The agency shattered the conventional belief that «serious and heavy» industries cannot have cool and unique identities by giving this product a vivid and apt image that will certainly stand out among its competitors. The team explored numerous options for a potential logo. Consequently, the  final creative decision was to create a brand hero — the Gnome.

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Invest Office identity

Bambuk Design Studio created a visual identity and concept, positioning, logo, and templates for Invest Office, an initiative aimed at attracting non-repayable financing to strengthen and develop businesses.

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«The majority is closer»: campaign for the Sunny Bunny LGBTQ+ film festival

The agency Hexagon created key visuals for the brand campaign of the second LGBTQ+ film festival SUNNY BUNNY. The macro photographs used for the visualization serve as an allegorical way to convey that those opposed to equality are becoming fewer. «The majority is closer» is the main message behind these vibrant and textured macro photos; this approach can work as evidence of evolution in matters of tolerance and human rights.

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Harazd Platform by NBU

Vintage Web Production helped the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) launch the educational platform – Harazd (in English – Alright). Research indicates that the level of financial literacy in Ukraine is lower than in Europe. The Harazd platform by the NBU aims to foster positive changes. Harazd is the word Ukrainians use when making a business agreement. The goal is to ensure that they make as few mistakes as possible in the process. The team developed the design, the name and created a project character – a girl named Horpynka, who assists users in understanding the nuances of economic life.

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Harbour: creating an app for the British neobank

League Design Agency developed the design for a new app for the British neobank Harbour, which integrates the worlds of cryptocurrency and traditional finance within its financial portfolio. The main idea is based on 3D graphics that visualize the principle of unification. Just as different types of transportation converge at a transport hub, the app becomes the meeting point for cryptocurrency and traditional finance.

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Social media design for Balans health club

Gorgona Studio created social media design for health club – Balans.

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Advertising campaign

The campaign for the launch of «Oleina with Herbs»

Mullenlowe Adventa launched a new campaign for «Oleyna with Herbs». Recognized for offering products that help Ukrainian families cook delicious and healthy meals, «Oleyna» introduced a unique range of oils infused with herbs. The communication goal was to build awareness of this premium line, encouraging both men and women to make room in their kitchens for new oils, importantly, without replacing the traditional «Oleyna» but rather complementing it on the kitchen shelf.

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The film advertisement on real eggs and the Record of Ukraine for cracking Easter eggs

To boost promotion for the comedy «Easter Egg», the Brandly agency, in collaboration with partners, orchestrated an integrated campaign. This campaign encompassed a limited series of branded «Yasensvit» «Egg Hunt» activation across the ECO MARKET store chain, and the establishment of the Record of Ukraine for cracking Easter eggs, with one of the main film characters, actor Volodymyr Gladkyi, taking part. The overall media coverage of the campaign reached over 5,000,000 contacts without any paid media involvement.

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«In My Place» special project on veteran adaptation

The hromadske team has prepared a special project on veteran adaptation called «In My Place». It consists of two editorial pieces and one in partnership with Uklon.

«In My Place» is a series of materials that explores what veterans expect from society, the state, and employers when returning from war. We also highlight existing projects from businesses and organizations that aid in adaptation, rehabilitation, mental health, and retraining.

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Bomb shelter map of Venice

The Ukrainian pavilion at the 60th Venice Biennale amazed visitors with a provocative project: a map of Venice’s bomb shelters. In collaboration with the creative agency Bickerstaff.734, maps of Venice’s bomb shelters were distributed throughout the city, reminding visitors that even in peaceful Venice, war can be closer than it seems.

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Myasomarket – the usual for you?

I AM IDEA agency developed an advertising campaign for the Myasomarket store chain. The main task was to showcase the diverse assortment of the network, from fresh meat to ready-made culinary products. The videos feature «meat sommeliers» – an invention of the brand itself, which focuses not only on quality products but also on service. The main communication slogan was «Myasomarket – the usual for you?». 

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Correct Vira oil advertising

Madcats created an advertising campaign for Vira oil, where engine pistons come to life to teach the driver to use proper oil instead of any random one.

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Social campaign

New Lifesaving Merch drop for the FUIB bank – «Living Towards”

Adsapience communications agency has launched a new Lifesaving Merch drop – «Living Towards». This special line supports wounded soldiers in recovery, offering adaptive clothing tailored for their needs. Each purchase helps provide essential garments to hospitals and evacuation trains.

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Movyty.Motyvy campaign

Postmen agency created the campaign for EdEra, a Ukrainian online education studio, specifically for the free course «Movyty.Motyvy” (“Motives to Speak. An online course on how to become a fluent Ukrainian speaker»). Within its implementation, the agency Postmen developed the creative idea and communication plan, worked with influencers, created an animated video, designed materials (design and placement of outdoor advertising also), supported offline events of Movyty.Motyvy.

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The Come Back Alive report in the format of a military map

Gusev Art Lab developed the annual report for the Come Back Alive Foundation in the format of a military map. The organization’s key achievements over the year, including dates, events, and figures, are collected on a single page as coordinates of points, settlements, and other locations. This working map of the Foundation includes information about key financial indicators, projects, purchased property for the Defense Forces, partners, and more.

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Communication campaign «Help Platform for Rescued»

The agency Kyїfornia developed the visuals for the communication campaign «Help Platform for Rescued». The main task for the agency was to show the way to the Platform. They accomplished this using the Inner State – a character that has neither age nor gender.

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Violence is a tradition to be abandoned

Vandog Agency developed visual communication for the public organization «La Strada-Ukraine» to prevent domestic violence. New generations of Ukrainians are still inheriting the false belief that violence is normal and that hitting means love. Like embroidery patterns, these beliefs are passed down from previous generations. However, in the modern world, we know that these patterns do not work. Therefore, Ukrainians must choose to «embroider» their own life scenarios, rejecting all stereotypes and prejudices, and «embroider» harmonious relationships where there is no place for aggression and gender stereotypes.

Let’s create new patterns for the embroidery of future generations!

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You have been exploited: campaign against exploitation and human trafficking

The communication agency plusone social impact and the International Organization for Migration Mission in Ukraine have launched the third regional wave of the information campaign «You have been exploited». This campaign is aimed at combating exploitation and human trafficking. Its goal is to raise awareness among Ukrainians about potential risks and prevent them.

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The Minefields Honey Project

Entrant name: Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine

Advertiser: Kernel, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Awards — Contest / Category:

  • Grand Prix & Best of Contest — Creative Communications / Out Of Home / Brave Idea
  • Grand Prix & Best of Contest — Client`S View /Advertising Campaigns / Politics & Government
  • Best of Contest — Creative Communications / Media / Brave Idea
  • Best of Contest — Creative Communications / PR / Specific Target Audience
  • Best of Contest — Creative Communications / Direct Marketing / Use Of Small-Scale Media
  • Best of Contest — Creative Communications / Out Of Home / Ambient & Experiential
  • Gold — Creative Communications /Out Of Home / Ambient & Experiential
  • Gold — Creative Communications /Integrated & Innovation / Innovative Campaigns
  • Gold — Creative Communications / PR / Brave Idea
  • Gold — Creative Communications / Direct Marketing / Brave Idea

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Survived parcels

Entrant name: Gusev Art Lab

Advertiser: Nova post

Awards — Contest / Category:

  • Best of Contest — Craft/Technology / PR Craft / Brand Voice & Strategic Storytelling
  • Gold — Creative Communications / Integrated & Innovation / Tactical/Real-Time Response
  • Gold — Craft/Technology / PR Craft / Earned Media
  • Silver — Creative Communications / Integrated & Innovation / Integrated Campaigns
  • Silver — Creative Communications / PR / Tactical/Real-Time Response
  • Silver — Social Goals Contests / Peace / PR Campaigns
  • Bronze — Social Goals Contests / Peace / Integrated Campaigns

Survived parcels – Nova Post – Case from Untitle on Vimeo.

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Entrant name: Saatchi & Saatchi Ukraine

Advertiser: Dronarium Academy

Awards — Contest / Category:

  • Gold — Client`s View / Print, Outdoor & Design / Non-Profit/Charity
  • Silver — Creative Communications / Design & Branding / Corporate & Brand Identity
  • Bronze — Creative Communications / Design & Branding / Digital Design
  • Bronze — Creative Communications / Design & Branding / Culture & Local

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Entrant name:  BetterSvit

Advertiser: Nova Post & Come Back Alive Foundation

Awards — Contest / Category:

  • Gold — Client`s View / Print, Outdoor & Design / Non-Profit/Charity
  • Silver — Client`s View / Advertising Campaigns / Non-Profit/Charity
  • Bronze — Creative Communications /Design & Branding / Tactical/Real-Time Response

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Entrant name:  Havas Digital Kyiv

Advertiser: UNITED24

Awards — Contest / Category:

  • Best of Contest — Creative Communications / Integrated & Innovation / Small Budget Campaign
  • Best of Contest — Creative Communications / Branded Content & Entertainment / Branded Games
  • Gold — Client`s View / Digital & Mobile Advertising/Social Media & Influence / Not-Profit/Charity
  • Silver — Creative Communications / Direct Marketing / Gaming
  • Silver — Craft/Technology / Digital/Mobile/Social Media Craft / New Realities/Metaverse
  • Silver — Social Goals Contests / Local Solutions / Digital & Mobile

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The veteran’s path

Entrant name: Strumer Production

Advertiser: Ukrainian Veterans Fund

Awards — Contest / Category:

  • Best of Contest — Craft/Technology / Film Craft / Sound Design
  • Bronze — Craft/Technology / Film Craft / Direction

The veteran’s path from Valenyn Kondratiuk on Vimeo.

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AB3 Zombies

Entrant name: Looma

Advertiser: AB3

Awards — Contest / Category:

Best of Contest — Client`s View / Print, Outdoor & Design / Politics & Government

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